Costa Rica Map: Regions in Brief

Let’s start with a Costa Rica Map showing the different touristic regions of the country…

costa rica map regions
Costa Rica Map: Regions

Costa Rica Map: Itinerary Ideas

If you’re looking for a Costa Rica Map to help you with ideas for your future adventure in the country, then a Map of Costa Rica with itineraries is just what you need.

Why Costa Rica Map Itineraries?

A Map of Costa Rica with itineraries is the best solution because even though this Central American country is small, there’s just so much to do.

And for that reason, these simple Costa Rica Map itineraries can give you an idea of what region you want to visit based on what you want to do while here.

If you want more in-depth info about these Costa Rica Map itineraries, check out our full Costa Rica Travel Guide.

Costa Rica Map: Surfer’s Map

Are you visiting the country to catch some waves? Here’s an easy Costa Rica Map showing the best areas of the country to do so…

Costa Rica Map Surfer's Map
Costa Rica Map Surfer’s Map

After checking the Costa Rica Map above, we invite you to read our feature on a great Costa Rica Surfing Experience

Costa Rica Country Stats

  • Population | 4.91 million people (world rank: 121st) (2017 estimate)
  • Population density | 96.1 people/km^2 (people per square kilometer) (world rank: 120th) (2017 estimate)
  • Population growth | 0.993 %/yr (world rank: 135th) (2017 estimate)
  • Life expectancy | 78.9 years (world rank: 59th) (2018 estimate)
  • Median age | 31.4 years (world rank: 76th) (2015 estimate)
  • Total area | 51100 km^2 (square kilometers) (world rank: 132nd)
  • Land area | 51060 km^2 (square kilometers) (world rank: 131st)
  • Continent | Central America
  • Languages | Spanish (94%) | Jamaican Creole English (1.2%) | Bribri (0.25%) | Cabécar (0.2%) | Jaíka Maléku (0.017%) | …
  • Ethnic mix | Mestizo and white (94%) | black (3%) | Amerindian (1%) | Chinese (1%) | other (1%)
  • Religions | Christianity (96%) | Chinese Universism (1.1%) | Bahá’í Faith (0.29%) | Judaism (0.11%)
  • Literacy rate | 97.86% (2018 estimate)

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