How To Become A Bookmaker in 3 Quick Steps

How To Become A Bookmaker in 3 Quick Steps

If you want to start a lucrative business that allows you to be your own boss, then it’s time to learn how to become a bookmaker.

How To Become A Bookmaker: The 3 Steps

These are the five easy steps to learn how to become a bookmaker:

  • Step 1: Learn all you can
  • Step 2: Get Sportsbook software services
  • Step 3: Get Startup Funds

How To Become A Bookmaker, Step 1: Learn all you can

To learn how to become a bookmaker, the first step is to learn all you possibly can. This includes acquiring knowledge about:

How to bet sports:

Let’s see why learning how to bet on sports can influence your future in the wagering business in a positive or negative way. and that’s precisely why we’re starting our how to become a bookmaker guide with this area. Get started with some great football betting tips.

When trying to get clients for your wagering business, you want to appear as credible as possible, and to achieve that, the easiest way to do so is to acquire a lot sports betting knowledge. If you fail to present yourself as someone credible, chances are that players won’t take you seriously to get their action. So, don’t risk losing clients over not knowing what to say at the right time.

We definitely recommend working with a sports betting mentor. This is a person that has been a bookie or just a long-time bettor. You want to absorb as much information from this person as possible. Make sure to learn all the industry tricks,the do’s and don’ts, and everything in between.


Learning how to become a bookmaker also involves turning into a proficient salesman. When you’re out there, just remember that every single person can turn into a potential client of your bookmaking portfolio.

So, try to acquire the always famous ABC mentality. This means that you need to Always Be Closing. And to achieve the best results, your best bet is to read every possible book on sales, watch every possible video tutorial, and talk to every possible sales professional you know.

How To Become A Bookmaker, Step 2: Get Sportsbook Software Services

The second step when it comes to learning how to become a bookmaker is to acquire the necessary sportsbook software solutions from a top Pay per Head company.

How To Become A Bookmaker: What is Pay per Head

A Pay per Head business, also known as a PPH Shop, is an offshore company that offers bookies from all over the globe the opoortunity to count with as full sportsbook without the expensive overhead costs.

This means that an agent can offer his clients all the services a large sportsbook offers, and all is available for an affordable weekly fee.

Pay per Head Fee:

This is a fee that you pay for each one of your clients when they use PPH Shop Services. This is a fee that’s based on actual usage, which means that you pay only when your clients place bets. For example, let’s say that only 75 out of your total 100 clients got action during a given week, then you only pay for the active 75, and you don’t have to pay for the inactive 25 clients.

How To Become A Bookmaker: Pay per Head Services Explained

Now in this how to become a bookmaker guide, let’s check out the different services you and your players will get access to:

  • Sportsbook Software
  • Custom Bookie Website W/ Online Casino
  • Call Center Access

How to Become A Bookmaker: Sportsbook Software

Learning how to become a bookmaker involves getting familiarized with the tool you’ll be using to manage your operation, known as bookie software. This is a great tool that’s totally mobile-friendly, and this means that you’ll be able to run yout sportsbook operation directly from your mobile phone.

This outstanding tool comes with a series of bookie reports that allows you to check the status of your overall sports betting business vs your players. You can check data related to deposits vs withdrawals, and most importantly, you have total control over each account from each one of your customers.

This means that you’re able to open or shut down accounts within seconds, and you can also do blance adjustments when you consider it necessary, among many other features.

How to Become A Bookmaker: Custom Bookie Website W/ Online Casino

Now in this how to become a bookmaker guide, let’s check out service that will make you a top bookie automatically: a fully customizable website that includes access to a fully functional online casino.

When it comes to bookie sites, there are two types:

Standard bookie website:

This is a website where your clients can place their bets, but this is a site that your players will be sharing with the clients of many other bookmakers. With that said, this is a great, affordable solution, but if you really want to stand out you should go for the second choice.

Custom bookie website:

The second option we recommend in this how to become a bookmaker guide is a customizable sportsbook site.

This is a service that you’ll need to pay as an extra apart from your weekly PPH fee, but it’s totally worth it. And the reason is that this is a site only for your own players, which means that you can start creating a brand around it without a problem.

And, what’s great about it is that it comes with another extra service, which is access to an online casino. Needless to say, a gambling solution like this is a very solid plan because it makes it possible for you to remain profitable even when sports seasons are low.

How to Become A Bookmaker: Call Center Access

It’s time in this how to become a bookmaker guide to learn about call center access and how your clients can benefit from it.

When you sign up with a PPH Shop, you’ll discover that these are companies located offshore, which means that they operated from Costa Rica or the Caribbean, and that’s exactly where your players will be calling to when they get their action over the phone.

And this is really fantastic news for your business as these PPH Shops count on skilled wagering clerks with years of experience within the industry. So it’s definitely a win-win and your players alike.

How To Become A Bookmaker, Step 3: Get Startup Funds

Last but not least in our how to become a bookmaker guide, let’s see how you can get access to the funds you’ll need to start your business.

Your own cash: This is the best option because you won’t have to pay anybody back, which means that all profits will be yours to pocket. But also consider that if you follow this route, you’re also assuming all the risk of the operation yourself.

Friends and family: If you know someone close to you that can give you this money, and even jump in as a possible partner, then this is awesome because that means that you’ll be sharing the risk of the wagering with someone else (which also involves some of the profits).

Angel investor: This is a company or individual that can give you the funds you need in exchange for a profit. Some of these investors might be willing to assume some of the risk of the operation in exchange for a piece of the business.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our how to become a bookmaker guide, best of luck with your future wagering operation!