How To Become A Vacation Rentals Host: Info and Tips

Learning How To Become a Vacation Rentals Host is easy!

You can become a master at managing your property, and this quick house rentals guide can help you get it done in no time at all.

Here’s a key factor: You’re not selling just a place to stay, but also a lifestyle.

And this is your goal: the perfect combination of peace, entertainment, and excitement…

In sum, full laid-back luxury for your guests… A Mini Resort Experience

Make their stay your priority, make them feel like home, make them feel like they belong there…

By doing so, you will earn your property long-term loyalty and nice online reviews.

How To Become a Vacation Rentals Host: Price, Price, Price

The first factor we’ll cover in our How To Become a Vacation Rentals Host guide is PRICE.

Guests want to believe that they made a smart rental choice.

So, you need to be cheap, and you also need to offer unbeatable value.

Show guests that your property is a luxury that’s within reach.

You must guarantee guests that the value of your property is worth their investment so that they can rent it guilt-free.

The Right Price

The price of your vacation rental should be FAIR, not the lowest or the highest.

That’s because guests are comparing the price of your property with that of similar online rentals.

And if the price is higher than the competition, potential guests won’t get excited about your house.

Even when your house may be perfect for them, they feel the price forces them to say “no.”

How To Become a Vacation Rentals Host: Rental Property management

Do you wish to be the dominant host in your area?

If that’s the case, to get the recognition you deserve as a vacation rental authority, you must show you care.

It’s all about extraordinary attention to detail. Your guests will appreciate it!

Guest Management

Always call guests by their first names!

Remember the words of Dale Carnegie:

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

And when speaking, do so kindly, in a quiet voice, with a gentle tone, using cheerful words the other person wants to hear.

Show an effortless openness, offer your undivided attention, and make them feel like royalty.

Property Management

Managing your property requires some effort, so think about how involved you want to be.

Do you want to put your own time into this? Or do you want to hire a vacation rental agent to help you?

If you have no time and have the budget, then a rental management company is a great option…

On the other hand, if you have the time, and don’t have the budget, managing the property yourself is the best choice…

How To Become a Vacation Rentals Host: Preparing The Property

Make sure your vacation rental house is always in excellent condition.

Here’s how:


Your goal: an open space with updated furniture and appliances.

Your vacation rental property needs to be depersonalized. So, remove all objects that are too personal.

You should air out your house, and add some real live plants, it says a lot about you.

Also, make sure the property is free of clutter.

And remember that homes for rent that are well equipped will sell themselves…

That’s why you should have the double of everything for the number of people you sleep.

This shows you care.

For example, if you sleep 6, have 12 towels


Luxury begins in the bedroom! You want guests to sleep well, wake up happy, and leave you a great review.

  • Bedrooms with a unified look
  • Leave folded towels and bath supplements on the bed.
  • Waffle robes and sleepers for a luxury touch.


The bathrooms must be spotlessly clean, period.

Living Room

Your living room must be open. It must include comfortable seating and a large TV screen. You should provide WiFi, basic cable or Netflix, a DVD player, board games, and even a PlayStation.


  • Local fruit and products basket
  • Well known snacks and little treats
  • Share the abundance of your garden


  • Use the color white and warm colors.
  • Add some art pieces.
  • Get some fur pods.
  • Small spaces: use vertical wall tricks to make things appear larger than they are.
  • Visit vintage stores to furnish the property.


  • Paint exteriors with strong dark colors for imperfections.
  • Add trees for natural privacy.
  • Create landscaped common areas.
  • Create the ultimate BBQ pool lounge.


  • The electronic key is more convenient
  • WiFi increasers = Flexing on WiFi
  • Noise detectors, you can get notified by SMS or email
  • Bikes

How To Become a Vacation Rentals Host: Marketing The Property

Now in this How To Become a Vacation Rentals Host guide is information on the perfect online ad to promote your vacation homes.


This is the formula to write your headline:

Suitability: pet-friendly, perfect for couples, or kids, or senior citizens, or everybody +

Location: beachfront, downtown + place… +

Type of property: cabin, condo, house, apartment… +

Amenities: pool, hot tub, pool table…

Here’s an example:

Perfect for couples! Beachfront Miami condo with pool.

Property Description

  • No jargon!
  • Use words most people understand
  • Don’t sell the area, sell the vacation village: someone visiting your incredible listing is already interested in the area.

Top things to include:

  • Good spelling and grammar
  • Major amenities
  • Property type and size
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Suitability for certain travelers
  • Unique selling points
  • Description of view
  • House rules or a guide

Also to consider:

Most people search for vacation home rentals within their budget, so keep this in mind.

Guests are also interested in the actual size of the property, and the number of people that sleeps

People want to stay nearby tourist attractions, shopping and restaurants, so DEFINITELY mention those.


These pics must show guests your property offers the latest style and is an unmistakable tribute to good taste.

With that said, make your property photos eye-catching and EXPERIENTIAL.

Help guests visualize themselves in your property.

A glorious picture of a cold drink next to the pool is a good example.

Quick Tips:

  • Add breath-taking, high-resolution pictures, as many as you can, 12 minimum
  • Take pictures with the best sun
  • Shoot all four corners of the room
  • Use photo vignettes
  • Use drone photography to beat the competition

How to Become a Vacation Rentals Host: Responding To Inquiries, Handling Reservations

You’ll get an email from Airbnb or HomeAway with the guest inquiry, or the guest may call you directly.

So, if you can, get a toll free number, because online renters feel better by speaking with a real person…

You don’t want people to think that you’re part of Vacation Rental Scams, so here’s what you should focus on:

  • Reply to inquiries immediately
  • Be detailed and friendly
  • Confirm the exact check-in and check-out dates
  • Give them your personal, or toll-free number for additional questions
  • If people send you their phone number in an email inquiry, don’t reply, CALL

Handling Reservations

Here’s what you should focus on:

  • Screening your guests is advisable. Call them, and check who’s coming, and what they’re bringing. This will help you determine if they’re suitable guests.
  • Make sure to have available as many payment methods as possible.
  • Work with lodgify to receive all reservations from your website, phone, and external listings, all in one centralized, supreme calendar, and inbox.

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