How to Bet on Sports: Easy 101 Beginners Guide

How to Bet on Sports: Easy 101 Beginners Guide

Learn how to bet on sports, specifically football and NFL point spreads with this simple 101 wagering guide for beginners.

How to Bet on Sports: American Football

First in our how to bet on sports guide, let’s check out football betting. To place a bet on American football, you have 2 main options:

How to Bet on Sports: Straight Up or SU Wager

The first type of bet we’ll be learning about in this how to bet on sports quick guide is the straight up bet.

This is a bet on the NFL point spread of your favorite team to win, that’s it. So, for example, you’ll see a line that reads Bucs -7 -110.

This means that if you want to make $100 on this bet, you need to bet a total of $110, for a total return of $220. And, the -7 means that Tampa needs to win the game by more than seven points or you lose your bet. When betting SU’s, you can also make a direct bet to win without involving the spread, this is known as an ML or money line bet.

And, you can also bet the total of the game, which means the combined scored of both teams at the end of the game. And, you can bet the game to go over, or under a specified number, such as 55 O/U. This means that you must choose if you want to bet the game to go over 55 points, or under 55 points.

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How to Bet on Sports: Parlays

Next in our how to bet on sports guide, let’s learn about parlay bets.

You can also combine different SU bets into a large parlay wager, also known as a multi-bet.

Parlays are among the most popular sports betting types because of the high profits you can get in return if you win a large multi-bet.

And what’s great is that you can win big by betting small. So, for example, tyou can make a $10 with a large number of bet wagering selections, and you can win thousands of dollars.

With that said, parlays are a little bit risky because if you lose just one bet prediction, your full parlays becomes a lost bet.

Let’s say that you placed a 9-team parlay, and you have 8 wins with just a bet selection to go, and that last wager is a loss, then the other eight wins don’t matter, because that single lost bet at the end will result in a lost 9-team parlay.

The risk of losing is considerable, but the earnings can be life-changing, so why not give a large parlay a try some time!

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How to Bet on Sports: Futures and Props

Now in our how to bet on sports guide, let’s check out the difference between futures and prop bets.

Your favorite bookmaking operation can also give you the option of placing a bet on future events related to sports or not.

  • The future events that are directly related to an sporting event are known plainly as futures. These futures can include bets such as the winner of the super bowl, the winner of a given conference, the winner of a given division, the season’s MVP, etc.
  • Those future events that are not related to sporting events directly are known as prop bets. These include super bowl props, and the presidential election props, for example.

How to Bet on Sports: Quick Glossary of Popular Terms

Our how to bet on sports guide also includes a small, yet effective glossary that will help you manage wagering lingo in a better way.

  • Action: This is a wager, when you place a bet, you’re getting action.
  • No Action: Let’s say you placed a bet, and something happens that prevents the sporting event from taking place, then that means that your bet will be graded as “no action” and the funds you risked on that wager will be deposited back into your account.
  • Cover: This means that you’re bet is “covering” the point spread. Just like in the example above, the Buccaneers must “cover” a total of 7 points for you to win the bet.
  • Underdog: This is the team that plays as the non-favorite. Most of the time this is the away team, but there are lots of cases where the visiting team is actually a favorite visitor vs a weak home team.
  • Juice or Vig: This is the commission a bookie or sportsbook charges for processing a bet for a player. This is usually a 10% of the bet, and that’s exactly why you need to bet $110 to win $100.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this easy how to bet on sports guide, best of luck with your future action!