Soccer Betting: How To Bet on Soccer, Easy 101 Guide

Soccer Betting: How To Bet on Soccer, Easy 101 Guide

Here’s a quick and easy soccer betting guide. Learn how to bet on soccer, including reading soccer betting lines.

Soccer Betting Lines

Let’s start our guide by explaining soccer betting lines.

Soccer Betting Lines: Moneyline

When it comes to soccer betting lines the moneyline is the most popular one, and it’s known as 3-way betting. Here you’re just betting on the final result:

  • Team A Wins -125
  • Team B Wins +310
  • Draw +250

Here, Team A is the favorite, so wager $125 to win $100 on this result.

Team B are not the favorites, and likely the visitors, so you can wager less, to win more because they have fewer chances of winning. In this case, you need to wager just $100 to win an extra $310.

You can also bet on the draw, and in such a case, you can make an extra $250 by laying just $100.

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Soccer Betting Lines: Spread

You can also bet Team A or Team B to win with a football handicap. This is known as 2-way soccer betting, or spread betting. When wagering on the spread, you’ll see a line like this:

  • Team A -1/2 -115
  • Team B +1/2 -105

If you place a bet on Team A, then your selected team must win by one or more goals, and you must lay $115 to obtain an extra $100.

If your wager is on Team B, then your selected squad must tie or win the game, and you need to lay less, just $105, to win an extra $100.

Soccer Betting Lines: Total

You can also place a bet on the total, and this case, the soccer betting line will look something like this:

2 1/2 / OV+100 UN -120

This total is the combined score of both teams at the end of the match. Here you need to place a bet that the score after the game is done will be more or less than the specified total, in this case, 2 and a half goals.

If you bet the over, you win even $100 by laying $100, and if place a bet on the under, you need to lay $120 to get $100.

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Soccer Betting Tips

Now it’s time for some two of the most useful soccer betting tips you can find:

Soccer Betting Tip #1: Bet With Different Sportsbooks

If you want to have access to the best markets and the best betting odds, you need to play with more than one sportsbook.

That way you can always check when one bookie is offering a better betting line than the other, and, you can also take advantage of their different bonus offers at key specific times.

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Soccer Betting Tip #2: Stay With One Small Market

As socer is definitely the biggest sport in the globe, the number of leagues available are massive. So, it’s in your best advantage to stay with one league, and become a true professional of that particular league.

This way you have the chance to analyze teams and individual players more in depth.

And, most importantly, you want to become a true professional at a small market.

That’s because bookies know all about the big markets such as the Premier League or Spain’s LaLiga, so they set their soccer betting odds accordingly.

So, what you want is to become an expert at a smaller market, because bookies can’t be experts at these smaller leagues, just because it’s just too time-consuming.

So, by becoming a small market expert, you can get an edge with knowledge, and apply what you know when you see a betting line that can be profitable.

We hope you’ve learned a little bit more about how to bet on soccer by reading this quick and easy soccer betting guide, good luck with your action!