Tamarindo Costa Rica Restaurants: Our Top 5 List

A list of Top 5 Tamarindo Costa Rica Restaurants is just what you need if you’re planning to travel to this busy Guanacaste beach town…

Tamarindo Costa Rica Restaurants: The List

Here’s our Top 5 list!

Tamarindo Costa Rica Restaurants

1 – Best Breakfast / Waffle Monkey

If you’re walking around downtown, you’re likely to spot Waffle Monkey. And, you may give it a try because of its name, but you will definitely stay for the delicious food.

Eat some super fluffy waffles, which also happen to be gluten-free!

The dishes here are all reasonably priced. And best of all, you can have your breakfast directly at a table on the beach and watch the water!

Come for a combination of great waffles, coffee, and staff!

Tamarindo Costa Rica Restaurants

2 – Best Lunch / Pangas Beach Club

Find a great atmosphere, perfect refreshing drinks, and excellent food at this beautiful spot on the beach.

All meals come with delicious sides and different sauces.

Tamarindo Costa Rica Restaurants

3 – Best Dinner / HiR Fine Dining Guanacaste

Out of the fine dining Restaurants in Tamarindo Costa Rica, this is our favorite one.

Known as “Noah’s dinner,” many describe it as a unique and unusual experience, including those from the food industry itself.

This is not a restaurant, but a private dinner at Noah’s own home…

Come for a combination of attention, imagination, fresh ingredients, and creativity!

Tamarindo Costa Rica Restaurants

Tamarindo Costa Rica Restaurants 4 – Fish & Cheeses

Try a cheese and cold meat board for lunch, and return for a fabulous Italian dish in the evening!

This is also the best place in the area to pick up a bottle of wine, and their comprehensive list includes something for every budget.

  • Food: Italian, Seafood, Mediterranean, Wine Bar, Pizza, Healthy
  • Address: Cardinal street Langosta Beach, 100 Mt Before Cala Luna Boutique Hotel, Playa Langosta, Tamarindo
  • Website: https://www.fishandcheeses.com/

Tamarindo Costa Rica Restaurants

Tamarindo Costa Rica Restaurants 5 – Green Papaya Taco Bar

This is the local version of a laid back fast food outlet. Come here for the friendly atmosphere and some delicious ceviche and shrimp tacos…

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