Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams: Booking Errors, Fake Listings

Have you fallen victim to any of these Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams?

Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams

Here are some of the biggest Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams that may be stopping your property from reaching the next level:

1- You underestimate the power of research

Do not just list your property. Also do some research, especially related to competitors. Who are these individuals that are renting properties in your area? What are the current trends your competitors are following? But most importantly, what are the prices they are charging for their properties? What are their current seasonal rates?

2- Working with just a single website

Out of the many Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams, this is a very common one. Some people may consider that working with just a single site is easier. But listing your property in all of the web sites available out there is crucial for your success. This is of course if your goal is to rent your property year-round. If this is the case, you can think of listing your property in all of the websites you can as your personal marketing strategy.

Now, don’t just list your property, also document everything! You can work with professional websites that can help you keep account of everything on the same page. Or you can go old-school and use Excel to do everything. It really all depends on how you want to do it. What’s important is to try to be clear in order to avoid mistakes such as booking your property the two people on the same date.

3- Your property headline is boring

if you want your property to really stand out online, you need to come up with a great headline. After someone has picked up the location where they want to spend their vacations, the next thing they do is to look for a property with the most exciting qualities. Try to avoid boring headlines because people we just pass on your property. Here’s a good video that can help you avoid Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams like this, by creating an amazing headline for your property:

4- Your listing is not visually attractive

Now, if you don’t have the right visual shots, your headline is not going to have that much weight either. So, take the most gorgeous pictures that you can, or hire someone that can do this job for you.

Make sure the gallery for these pictures is experiential. This means to make it look like there is someone already staying there. Make your pictures as alive as you can.

5- You’re not telling the full story

This is also one of the most common Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams! When you start writing the description of your property, put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. What do you like to find when you go on vacation? what are the features that matter to you? what amenities make you excited?

Here are some examples of the things you can highlight: The fireplace, hardwood floors, a little space, very comfortable sitting, and other unique features that guests wouldn’t find in another property.

6- You’re under-selling your location

This is definitely one of the Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams you can easily avoid… Location is what people focus on when they’re looking for a property where to spend their upcoming vacations.

Some people want to have a great time, check out the nightlife, do what the locals do, or being on the water. So it’s basically your job to figure out what makes your property attractive and different. And, once you talk about how different your property is, then you can focus on talking about the local features that make your property even more amazing.

7- Slow response time

In the digital age, people expect an instant response because they want that immediate gratification. So if you have a potential guest, try to respond ASAP because that can make it easier for you to close conversions for your property. And that way, you also prevent people to think that you’re part of Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams!

8- A difficult check-in process

If you want people to visit your property again, and again, you need to make a first good impression. This is really one of the best Vacation Rental Tips For Hosts anybody can give you… And the check-in process is definitely that first impression. This is another of the Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams you can easily prevent just by making the whole process as easy as possible…

9- Forgetting the small things

The small things will definitely distinguish your rental property from the rest. Here are a few ideas that will make your visitors feel like they’re at home:

  • Ground coffee and a grinding machine
  • Streaming services, especially Netflix
  • Some Blu-rays.
  • And some printed information related to express food, and nice nearby places to visit

10- Ignoring the power of positive reviews

Visitors definitely look at the reviews on websites before they make a booking. So make sure you have an easy way to pick up the online reviews of your customers because this will make a big difference.

11- Disliking marketing

Creating a website is just not enough, and if this is all you do, this will end up being another of your Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams.

You need to make sure that your website contains calls to action or CTA’s.

If you create a website for your property, and that’s it, that’s a big problem, and you will be wasting your cash, basically.

The reason is because your website needs to have a purpose!

Just creating the website and putting the information related to your property is not enough.

You need to create some buttons that people can click on.

And let people know what is the action that they’re taking when they’re clicking those buttons.

If you don’t this, what is going to happen is that people aren’t going to know what to do on your website, and they’re just going to leave as fast as they arrived.

Hope you enjoyed this article on Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams, come back for more tips, ideas, and lists to have the best experience in the country!


Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams: Have You Fell Victim Of Fake Listings?

What would you do if you realize that your home has been listed on rental sites?

If your house is empty, or if you have a for-sale-by-owner listing outside your home, your property may fall into the hands of the scammers!

People in other countries can just copy your sale listing, and all of your pictures, and put up a rental listing on places like Airbnb, VRBO, Craigslist, HomeAway, Tripadvisor, etc.

And what they do is that they charge ridiculously low prices, and so people send their money right away.

Then, by the time you realize this is happening, or the prospective guest realizes it’s all a scam, it’s too late.

Another way they can scam you is simply by taking a real vacation rental listing and using the same information on a different website.

This is why it’s so important to have a presence on all major websites because that way your listing is going to be the real one on all of them.

Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams: Warning Signs

  • The price is definitely too low for the area. If the normal price is twice as much as what they are charging, chances are it’s a scam.
  • There’s no feedback from previous renters, like no reviews or nothing like that.
  • The owner wants the renter to send a Western Union, a wire transfer, or a MoneyGram, instead of a credit card payment; which can protect the guest from fraud.
  • The supposed owner says that he’s not in the country and that he’s temporarily not available for direct contact.

Traveler scams

Now there are scammers who can pass as travelers to perpetrate a scam.

And of course, the best way that you can protect yourself is to know who you are renting to!

Now here are the most common traveler scammer red flags:

  • Poor grammar and spelling
  • Always uses a free online email service
  • Provides extra information more than you need
  • It is someone with authority, like a religious figure, or an officer, or a doctor.
  • The person is supposedly trying to arrange a surprise trip for another person.
  • Come up with excuses about not being able to use a credit card.
  • His preferred payment method is a certified check, cashier’s check, or a wire transfer that seems insecure.
  • Offers to pay you more than your actual rate.
  • It asks for the payment information in the initial inquiry
  • The person does not provide a traveler phone number
  • Their stay is short, 48 hours max, and usually only 24. They do this because they want to leave before the owner becomes aware that the funds were reversed as scammers were using a stolen credit card.
  • They also don’t care about the dates, and they will tell you that they have flexibility in this matter.
  • And they just give you an uneasy feeling that something isn’t just quite right.

If you’re the homeowner, you need to keep your eyes open for any weird online post on social media, also any strange calls, or even people showing up at your door asking for the key for your property.

Or, if you work with a Vacation Rental Management company alert them on this matter too.

Hope you enjoyed this piece on Vacation Rental Mistakes and Scams, we now invite you to check this easy guide on How To Become a Vacation Rentals Host in Costa Rica.